Some new computers appear! (Also PXE installs)

Well, they’ve appeared for now.

I’ve managed to find the first three components for our internal Openstack cluster, the control node, the network node, and the ‘storage’ node. There will be more servers coming for part of this cluster – how many specifically, I am unsure of – however, we should have enough to go around for a bit…

It looks like the computers had been sitting in ‘cold storage’ long enough that their RAID batteries had gone bad, so they’ve lost their RAID configs. I also need to wipe the drives out so that we’re certain that all of the data is completely gone before we wipe and put whatever OS on there (probably CentOS 6.x) for the underlying OS of the node.

With that said…

We currently have the following images available for PXE booting at the hive:

Fedora 18, both 32 and 64 bit versions
CentOS 6, both 32 and 64 bit versions
NTPasswd (Windows Computer Administrator password reset tool)
Inquisitor (Hardware testing), and finally,
Trinity’s Rescue Kit (Anti Virus, registry editors, windows tools).

Unfortunately, getting Ubuntu to work via auto-install will take another drive to Morehead to grab my copy of the ubuntu mirror unless we want to try to download close to 1TB of archives on the hive’s internet connection, so, I will bring those up with me on Monday when I come back up for the week.

I’ll probably be at the hive today (Friday) sometime. If anyone has any questions, or, wants to chat with me about what’s going on, feel free to let me know.


This is awesome. Thanks!


If you need help / truck / etc. lmk.
btw, I accidentally power cycled the VMware server during a “UPS Test” and discovered one of the UPSes is overloaded. I moved stuff so hopefully that won’t happen again.


I noticed that when I tried to push a new chef configuration up the other night. I forgot to drop you a note asking for you to power up my VM…but, that’s a good note to remind us to go in and configure the critical servers to auto-start on reboot.


It is set up for remote access. Consult the google document. If you want me to do it, send me an email off list.