Soliciting volunteers...

Hey all, a friend of mine is trying to start an online literary magazine and wants to volunteers to help, both technical and otherwise. Her message is below:

“my idea is something along the lines of thought catalog ( but less angsty 20-something. i am hoping to find at least one or two other people who are committed to being editors. in addition, i want to create and develop a website that is not just hosted by blogspot or something. i have no experience with this and no money. so what i am wondering is first, if anyone at hive13 is into writing and might want to help with the writing/editing… i have not decided on a specific focus yet although i do want it to at least be partially creative nonfiction, but we could also have an angle of interesting technology writing or reviews if someone would be into that. second, i was wondering if anyone might be interested in doing the website design once this gets going.”


I would be happy to help