Soldering help needed.

I just got a call from Michael Durthaler who is looking to get some soldering work done. I am not certain of all of the specifics but in exchange for the soldering service Mike has offered to buy the service provider “all the beer he can hold on the condition that he does the soldering first and the drinking next. It must be in that sequence. Otherwise the deal is off.”

he should consider the evidence:

it’s on XKCD, that makes it true.

I'd love to know the details of what he wants done. I'm a
soldermonster. Like a f'n machine. It's good to watch things get done,
tangible progress instead of this intagible electronic client-server

I can provide samples/photos of stuff I've done in the past to show I
do good quality work, but i would need a bit to dig it up.

Mike tried to porovide details but is not yet a memner of the Google Group thus could not post to the list.

Mike’s message:
Thanks, Karl. Specifics are I have 4 16-pin .65mm pitch TSSOP IC’s that need to be surface-mount soldered onto breakout boards.

This would take the right guy longer to warm up his soldering station than to do the work, so I hope I don’t have to chip in for the electricity and liquid grains will suffice.


Michael W. Durthaler
Durthaler Tech Services
.Net Solutions
740 739 4498 - Laptop
513 823 6320 - Cell