Soldering class (and my delayed request for help due to foolish pride)

Hi There!

I am one of the folks that receive the Hive13 digest email..... I am
extremely excited to learn about soldering because I initially found
out about this through searching soldering and thought I missed the
class forever.... How do I sign up for this?

Also I am not well-versed in script much anymore.... can anyone help
explain to me how I add things to the somewhat new page on our
profiles where we display what skills we have/want? I feel I can add
some variety to the pot! I learn best if I can speak in real time to
someone.... so in lieu of writing everything out as someone already
has, please gchat or call me. Call is prolly better :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I look forward to meeting (some? most? all?) you!


Hello Joy!

We're glad to know you've followed our progress and are interested in
our next soldering class. This next one will be really special. We
will be visited by two internationally famous hackers and master
solder class instructors, Mich Altman and Jimmie P. Rogers. You can
google their details. You won't want to miss it! Mark your calendar
for Wednesday, August 18, at 6:30pm at HIVE13 (2929 Spring Grove
Ave.) Come once, and you'll want to keep coming back.

And don't be shy about being a 'newbie' lacking some desired skill.
That is the common thread that binds us together as a maker
community. Despite whatever we may individually already be good at
doing, we each lack some other skill that we want to learn. I've got
a mechanical background but want to learn electronics. Others have an
electronics background but want to learn the mechanics. We are a
friendly bunch and the community provides us the opportunity to learn
from each other.

HIVE13 is one year old. One of our goals for year two is to setup and
start a regular series of classes on Wednesday nights. We will
publish the topics each week and will revisit popular topics (like the
soldering class) on a periodic basis.

We're always interested in meeting new folk. I'm usually at the HIVE
on Tuesday nights from about 6:00pm. We have our weekly business
meetings on that night. Come any time and look me up when you arrive!