Solder Paste Dispenser

We had a pneumatic solder paste dispenser, right? Is that still at hive or somewhere else now? It was in a box above the front electronics bench.

Greg and I are putting in the air lines & regulators for service in this area, so we can now have the dispenser running smoothly.


I took it home because it was not getting used. Let’s come up with a reasonable project to add it to a 3D printer and make something really useful?
I’ll foot the bill for materials, just need some expertise. 3D printering isn’t my thang.

Well, in this case it would be a little simpler as we wouldn’t need much Z axis travel. We could rig up a rep-rap styled device with parts we already have. We’d want good XY resolution. I haven’t delved into marlin lately, but I’m inclined to do Z with a servo (plotter style) as it makes things simpler. 3D printer is better than modding a plotter, in my opinion, because the boards, drivers, firmware, etc already support precise extrusion. Would just need to replace the filament extruder motor with a servo valve or solenoid.

A few of the tweaky problems of 3d printing would be reduced in this application.

After completely overhauling the ultimaker, and upgrading my printrbot, I’m ready for a rep-rap build.

Also, we’re going to turn the crappy little micro pen lathe into a coil winder. :).