Soft jaws 2.0

I dono what happened to the first set I made a while ago however felt the urge to make a new set. Lol they are attached to with rope so hopefully they will stay with the Vice this time.


Thank you! I was there this weekend and tried to finagle something with two blocks of wood and it was difficult!

Yayyy! Thank you!

I remember seeing the first set when I was press setting some snaps, and thinking that I really liked the design - using the magnets set into the (nylon?) so they stayed on the vice was a great idea!!!

Didn’t get magnets glued in yet, have the holes drilled just have to grab some and jb weld them in. I know they are not some big name brand but that scrap plastic works extremely well.

Who cares about name brand besides Harley guys? If they work they work, and not costing a fortune is even better… I’ll give you a few bucks towards the cost of the magnets, They are a good thing to have for the vise.

Even new Craftsman tools aren’t as good as the old ones.

Will the many hard drive magnets around work? They’re pretty strong.

The hard drive magnets aren’t shaped right for easy use… the softjaws use round magnets that sit in drilled holes so they are flush with the surface to ‘stick’ to the metal vice… It would be a PITA to carve out that sort of "slice of a cylinder’ shape in the plastic…

I just usually drill holes 3/8 if I remember right and jb weld magnets in. I have not had a chance to go by meijer, they sell magnets in little packs back in fastners. They do need to be decent thick.