Soda Refills

Y'all, I happen to be a kroger, and soda happens to be on sale !

I'm grabbing 48 cans of coke, and 48 cans of ol'Dew

Go for it! noone has replenished the machine as of tonight.

While I’m thinking about it, would anyone care to take a small survey on the Soda machine? I made a short little survey to see what pop we collectively like at the hive. Maybe we can change things up a bit and add new flavors to the mix =)

Just follow the link here:

Alright those 96 cans have been loaded... I can see why Jon is done with that machine! Maybe selling the machine should be an option :stuck_out_tongue: but it's a pleasant novelty for new members!

Oh... My total was $28.27, the receipt is on the counter, reimbursement to my pay-pal would be great! (Or I can send someone a photo of the receipt)


I’m the treasurer and will follow-up off-list to reimburse you for this expense. Print your name on the receipt and drop it into the black lock box mounted on the kitchen counter column that also has the can crusher and projector screen switch.

Jim Dallam