Soda machine

(said in a Gauntlet video game voice)
" Soda machine needs Zero, badly"

looks like we went through that pretty fast! or is the Coke Zero Slot one of the smaller ones?

Can we put a sound chip in the machine so it says stuff like the Gauntlet game quotes when it dispenses?


Coke Zero is in one of the “smaller” slots, and sadly I don’t think we’ve got any extra in the vending machine. Greg, Tiffany, and somebody (Jim?) have the keys.

I probably should have done something when I was stocking the fridge, but it would be nice to have at least one of the large slots for a diet drink. Not sure what’s the most popular, but I think we’ve got a large slot we could change over to Dt. Mt Dew, Coke Zero, or whatever is the most popular.

i’m voting for coke zero… or maybe assorted diet rite flavors… a lot of those are caffeine free, and it would be nice to have a diet caffiene free option… I’d be ok if it were in the random slot.

Diet Coke with lime.

OOO yeah, Coke with Lime is good too!

We can reserve refrigerator space for the green squishy plastic lime thing? I might bring one :slight_smile:

I have done that before. Lime juice, vanilla extract, or black cherry syrup.