Soda Machine Mostly Refilled

I went down to Kroger tonight and got 20 12packs of soda to refill the machine. Everything except Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper has been completely topped off. I’ll be topping off Diet Coke and Dr Pepper tomorrow before the meeting.

With the exception of the last can of Vanilla Dr. Pepper, the Random Slot is filled with caffeine free soda. I would like to keep the random slot caffeine free going forward.

A request has been made to replace one of the sodas with fizzy water. I support this request. I am in favor of dropping Diet Mountain Dew or Sprite from the machine when it runs out. What does everyone else think?

Why do we need caffeine free soda? Isn’t that what water is for? Seems kind of counterproductive to me.

I also don’t understand the necessity of the random slot only being caffeine free only… that loses part of the randomness.
I do not mind the fizzy water slot, but then what to remove?

I vote we drop both of them and replace them with Fizzy Water and Coke Zero. But that's just me.

- Dakr Ian

I feel like sprite is one of the most popular sodas drank, especially during the summer month is. Also, didn’t this come up within last 6mos? Did we do a survey again, like we did Aug '13? (Not positive on date, just thinking that’s what I remember when we added the random slot).

One last thing, I believe there are more slots than buttons. Perhaps we only need to add, not take away?

There should be a 1:1 slot to button ratio – eight buttons eight slots…unless I’ve missed something.


I asked the same “didn’t we just do this?” question last time. Maybe there just needs to be a soda poll every 6 months.

Also, among all the fancy modifications to the machine is there something that collects data on which drinks are dispensed the most. Or otherwise an accounting process used to track what was used to fill them up? That data might be useful to go with the poll, because (for example) I might have an opinion at odds with someone who uses the machine ten times as much as I do. It’s nice if my opinion is considered, but if I never actually buy the drink, it’s moot.

I think just tracking how much you put in probably does that, right?

Correct – right now, it just tracks the vends that come from the RFID system.

The Door controller software (I really need to think of a better name for it) does have the ability to track sales post-vend, but, I don’t believe that the arudino code for the soda machine has been updated to send which button has been pressed to the Door server.

I might twiddle on that this weekend.