Soda Machine bill reader out of order

Just an Fyi, the Bill reader isn’t working on the vending machine, so load up your card or bring in your quarters!

For those who haven’t used soda credits in awhile, here’s how you do it:
Log onto
Login with your hive account
Click button to add soda credits!

Hope this helped!


Have you tried to turn the machine off and back on, the reader can be iffy and I have seen that reset it.

I’ll look at it tonight. It might just need to be cleaned or need a soft rebooted.

Upon further inspection, I have good news and bad news:

It looks like the bill sensing IR light is intermittent and that’s causing the validator to not sense when a bill has been inserted. Its functionality is hit or miss, however, if you’re willing to work for your soda, you should be good to go. As soon as my order is confirmed on ebay, I’ll start resetting/re-enabling the validator. If you’re just looking for a quick soda fix, use your RFID card.

I did find (and order) a suitable replacement item on ebay:

Unfortunately, it probably won’t be here until Monday of next week; it’s a 15 minute fix to replace it, though once the item does arrive.


The replacement bill validator has been installed, tested, and the vending machine is now back to its previous condition of working.

Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues.