Soapbox Media Video project

Dan from Soapbox Media contacted me this morning and asked if they
could do a video profile of Hive13 for their 2/16 issue. It is
essentially a basic profile of the group, including interviews with
2-3 members and action shots of us working, etc. In order to make the
deadline for the next issue, they wanted to shoot the video between
now and Saturday. I mentioned the party on Saturday and wanted to see
if and when people could make themselves available on Saturday
afternoon for this purpose.


I can be there Friday evening or any time on Saturday.


I'm at the space on Sat from 1-4 plus I will probably stop by Friday
to make sure all is clean and maybe drop off some supplies but this
will be after work on Friday.


If you give me a time Saturday afternoon or evening, I will try to be there. I am planing on arriving Saturday after 5PM but could be there sooner.

Karl Wilbur

I'll come in Friday night for some final cleanup / setup, and then be
there Saturday by 2pm til whenever. Sounds like Saturday afternoon is
the best time for it.

i will try to be by sometime friday, but probably later in the eve.

i will def be there saturday morning to help with cleanup/setup/whatever

Yeah it's definitely sounding like Saturday afternoon is the best
time. How does everyone feel about Saturday at 2:30pm?

We should also figure out what we're going to demo for them. The
MakerBot is a good one. Something from the soldering bench? Maybe
the process of working on one of the MAME cabinets? Just

Makerbot for sure...I do need to cut out more sheet metal holes but
just showing the wires in the Mame cabinets can look cool.

Laser Graffiti is always a favorite too.

We're on for 2:30pm on Saturday. I'll be there between 1 and 2, so I
hope you non-camera shy people will come out and be willing to
demonstrate some projects and whatnot on film.


Here's the video!

And here's the article they did in case you missed it:


Wow, that turned out really great! Thanks to everyone who came out
for the afternoon!