Soapbox Cincinnati

Hi Feoshia,

Dave Menninger gave the talk at ignite and should be there tuesdy. Jason Bailey is our official spokeperson but due to a new baby probably won’t be there. In any case I could also do the interview. I’m forwarding this to our mailing list to inform everyone.

What time would you want to do the interview?


We either need a new battery for the doorbell, or a new doorbell. The current one is only working about 50-75% of the time when you push the button. I might have a battery I can bring in that we can try. I will see about stopping down on Monday to see if that works.

My reasoning behind the seemingly off topic “Door bell issue” reply was that if she is going to be stopping by then we should have the doorbell working, also in case more ignite cincinnati people show up it seems important that we are especially accessible on this coming tuesday.

Agreed, we need to resolve the doorbell issue. Wireless doorbells are
very inconsistent - we should consider installing a permanent wired
doorbell. It wouldn't be too hard to drill a hole through the
exterior wall and run some doorbell wire into our space. If we
coordinated it with the building, the same access hole could be used
for the other units as well.

If our landlord agreed to pay for materials, I would be willing to
help run the wires and build a nice but inexpensive multi-button
fixture for the entrance. (makerbot project!)



Can anybody meet with her at this time?

I can do it.

Excellent. Why don't you contact her and arrange a time.



Emailing her now...

Just finished speaking to Feoshia and she was quite gracious. I'm not
sure when the piece she is writing is expected to be published, but
the interview went well. Horray for publicity :slight_smile: