So, what do we think?

Okay, so…

I created #wards which has some other categories in it for other “things” like #wards:a-place-for-woodworking-talk and #wards:3d-printing.

Do we like that kind of grouping? Or are we more for a category for everything?


I’m much more a fan of fewer categories, not more of them. I really don’t want it to be like Slack where new channels just keep being created.

Tags seem to be preferred over categories. To quote Discourse co-founder Jeff Atwood:

Categories are like walls. Build 4 and you have a nice house; build 24 and you have a maze.

Happy to do fewer categories.

I think, though, that once we open it up to the masses we’ll have a better idea of what we actually want this to look like.

I think I like it. Jury’s still out. The interface is so sparse that I keep wanting to use it like a chat app, which is obviously the wrong approach. :grinning:

Can you provide whatever access level Is required to see #wards? I’m seeing permission denied errors.

@ry13… i’m not sure i see #wards either.

@hodapp any idea?

I like this so far. Having no issues with it other than needing a manual approval to have my account ported over.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something. Your initial post here said

"Okay, so…

I created #wards which has some other categories in it for other “things” like #wards:a-place-for-woodworking-talk and #wards:3d-printing."

What is #wards in this context? Discourse doesn’t support hashtags, at or at least I can’t quickly find that in the meta wiki. If there’s a concise set of documentation, I"m also not finding it.

Of course, the possible answer occurs the second I post something. Did you create, and then delete, a wards category? That might explain a dead link such as we see above.

So, after some digging, I remember what had happened.

I created #wards with the intent that each ward would get it’s own space, but shortly deleted that in favor of @hodapp’s reply with the link on the fewer categories.

I figure, now, it’s better to just let this grow organically into whatever categories it needs rather than try to build walls and try to fit everything in.

So, I just enabled Tags. I hadn’t realized until now that they weren’t enabled by default.

One may organize by Tags and by Tag Groups too, and I like the support it has here. Tags can form a hierarchy, and a topic can have multiple tags at once (unless we turn that off). We could have, for instance, a Wardens tag group and individual tags for specific wardens in this group, and an Official Business(?) tag group and individual tags inside like Vote.

I am not sure what permissions are like (e.g. can we make a Leadership tag that everyone can see, but that only leadership can start a topic on?) but I think at a minimum users should be able to create their own tags pretty freely.

I feel like categories belong only for where a strict division is needed, e.g. one category for the public mailing list, another category for the
private leadership list, and tag groups & tags should be used inside of those.

I won’t have time to research in the immediate future, but if it’s of interest, that tag link is dead for me, returning the following ambiguous error:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

I’m also seeing permission denied when trying to attach a screenshot of the error to this post.

Regardless of image format, the error text reads:

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp).

I may have misunderstood what tag groups were for; it looks like they’re more for managing permissions as a group than for establishing hierarchy.

This doesn’t explain anything about the image format error though… I’ll have to see what I can find in the logs on that.