Snack Vending Machine - Inactive

According to the wiki the snack vending machine as been around since 2009 and appears to not be complete yet. Does anyone have any issues with me attempting to take on this project?

Does anyone have any details they are willing to share that are not in the wiki?

What all has been purchased for this project?

I believe I see an rfid reader attached to the Snack Machine…Does it run on the same frequency as our other ones?


The RFID reader does run on the same frequency as the other ones.

Let me know if you need information on how the soda machine validates if the card has enough credits and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


Awesome, yeah what ever information you have on it would be useful. So it already communicates with the badge system database then thats a good chunk of the work.

Dibs on the granola bars!

I have received communication via alternate means and was advised not to take on the snack vending machine project as such I shall suspend my ambitions on bringing this machine to a working state. I no longer question why this project has been here for 7 years, untouched in the past 3-4 years.

There are plenty other more useful projects I could work on anyways. :wink:

Thanks the offer of help Ian Wilson!

I have to question why it’s been sitting for 3-4 years. If it’s not permitted to advance this project, we should get rid of it. It’s taking up a lot of space that could be turned to better ends, even if that’s just more room to walking around in.

I’ll be really honest, this kind of bothers me.

We’re an open space that focuses on open communications between the members.

If someone doesn’t want Tim to work on the project, please discuss this in the open, with everyone else.


I have to agree with Andrew. If it’s not going to get worked on, we should ask the original owner to take it back or see if we can sell it or something and get it out of the hive.