Small stuff

My friend Mel Fickenscher from UC is generously loaning us the use of a Table top scanning electron microscope. She will be bringing it 11aish tomorrow the 25th.
There will be a tutorial for anyone interested, instructions to follow.

She would like photos and some words: work log as to what it's being used for.
This will help her to justify lending it out to collaborative programs

Super cool.

Do you need to sputter coat the samples?

I use the Toshiba TM1000 at work.


Yeah, you definitely want good conduction.

So does it come with a sputter coater?


I’ll try and meet you at the Hive today around 11.


Cool its here, it's a TM3030 Hitachi. Low back scatter so it doesn't Have to have coated samples

Oh, neat! My inner geek is happy for this opportunity.
I would gladly welcome a tutorial before/after Tuesday meeting.