Small problem with the AC in the fab lab

Hey guys,
The air conditioning unit in the fab lab room hasn’t been draining correctly so it leaked on to the floor a bit. I Cleaned up what I could and drained the unit, but do not turn it on until this has been fixed. It WILL flood the carpet.

I’m not really sure how to solve the problem at this time so I’m just waiting until Tuesday to see if anyone else has an idea for it.


Since it’s brand new, the unit is probably not leveled properly and is leaning into the room.

That was part of it, yes. The other issue is that there is sheet metal where the AC is sitting and it is tilted in to the room, so any water that did drain went in to the room. That’s the part I’m debating on how to fix. We may have to attach a small hose to it and prop the AC up so it has space to run out from under the AC.


Does the sheet metal extend out under the a/c completely? Could also drill a new drain hole father back in the case and plug the current one.

Hmm, idk which solution is less likely to have problems: a new drain / hose that could plug, or a plugged drain that could unplug…

No, it doesn’t extend out back completely. Also, the drainage inside of the unit doesn’t work in a way that you could drill a new hole like that.


I just made a small tray to redirect the water out from under the AC
unit. Here is a picture... Once it's dry enough, I'll test it out.!1017&authkey=!AFIZE60zHOddayk


How was the temperature in the main space this weekend?

It is currently 79... bearable, but not cool enough for my tastes.
The fablab was downright hot, but it's cooled off now.

Ok, I’m still waiting on a final estimate from Marcus on the electric but hopefully we can get that in soon so we can get the rest of the AC units up.

Yeah, it looks like it peaked at 80 on Saturday, Sunday, and today it is currently 80. The low it has hit each night appears to be about 72. That is with just 3 (or sometimes 4) AC units of the 6x 12,000 BTU units running, and we still have the two 5,000 BTU units we can setup.

Looking through my temperature logs a comparable day would be August 4, 2011 when it reached about 91ºF outside, the Hive peaked at 90ºF that day, and the lowest it got that night was 84ºF. Today we hit 90ºF outside, and the Hive peaked at 80ºF.

Wahoo!!!! Water is now dripping out from the edge of the tray past
the window sill!

Excellent! Great work on the tray!

Paul, I love how you have historical data lol