Small Laser Wiki Page updated with Manual Links

Well folks - The Small Laser is all we got until the Big Laser is fixed.

So if you want to cut something you need to figure out how to use this one.

To find the Hive13 Small Laser Wiki page go to this Link.


This machine currently has The controller Leetro 8530S Controller

Laser Cut 2017 software has been loaded to the small laser PC

The documentation for the hardware and software are now on the wiki.

Wednesday Afternoon, I’ll finish running power to the exhaust and chiller which must bypass the Big laser until it is fixed.

Dave Velzy

Found a Manual tha thelps you understand preparing files for LaserCut 5.3 But the points made are valid for LaserCut 2017 too.

The manual is on Hive13 wiki.


Now you know why you are so frustrated with EasyCut

The small laser now stands alone. Separated from the Big Laser. Which means you can now run the blessed thing.

Steps to Operate the Small laser

Turn on the 220 Volt Power for the exhaust fan and chiller at the yellow switch box which sets on top of the chiller.
All 220 Volt lines for the small laser are color coded YELLOW

Turn on the 110 Volt Power for the laser and PC from the power strip under the small laser.

All 110 Volt lines for the small laser are color coded PURPLE

The cooling water lines now run only to the small laser.
The exhaust fan only exhausts the small laser.

All this will need to be reversed in the future.

Joy. It feels like I accomplished something.

Is the air pump for the small laser hooked up separately? That was always a pain.

The air pump is as it has been a separate plug in item.

Wonder if we could add the air pump to the power strip, then it would come on with the laser power.
I’ll look at it Saturday when I’m down there.
I’ll also try and make a fixture to set the correct Z height (or get the auto Z working right).

There is one 110V power strip for the small laser. The computer.
monitor and laser all plug into it. If you turn it off the computer
dies. You could use some DIN rail and the AB automation to make a real
solution. Or just chain power strips.


I’ll look into it when I’m down there.
I’ll also try and make a nice one pager on how to use like I did for the Big Laser.

I checked out the FabLab this afternoon.

The small laser seems OK but the stupid software won’t read the files from the Big Laser. (I wanted to run the material test cut).
I think I can export then import. (Whee).
I wiped the small laser down and verified it’s operation.
I think putting the laser and air pump on a power strip might be a good idea. The computer could be on an independent tap.

I emptied the big shop vac and shook out the filter. The filter is the wrong size (too long) it mostly works but we should get a few correct replacements.
I also cleaned out the small shop vacs.
I thought we had an additional big shop vac?

I’ll come down tomorrow and work some more.

Good times.