Small Laser Status

I've spent most of the day upgrading the small laser. It is a process that needs more time.

In order to save some time tomorrow, I have left the laser in a non-working state. I will be heading out to dinner and returning tomorrow.

If anyone plans on using the laser and wants me to put it back together, just let me know and I'll convert it back.

Easy cut will soon be a software of the past...


I will stop by tomorrow sometime.


Sorry got busy with family stuff.

I should be at the Hive Tuesday before the meeting. Happy to help write up an operating sheet.

Actually had a conversation (via forum) with LightBurn about Makerspace pricing. Got a response in a few minutes. :slight_smile:

Rick James via LightBurn Software Forum <>

1:19 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

Rick Rick James Support Staff
August 26

LightBurn does per-seat pricing deals for maker spaces 75% off the standard price. That’s currently $20 for the DSP version, and $10 for the GCode version, and we’ll extend this price to anyone who’s a MakerSpace member, so they can have their own copy on their own computer, to use with job setup for the space.

We can also do floating licenses, where you can install on as many systems as you like, but are limited to some fixed number of concurrent users.

Have the MakerSpace contact us directly to set this up. Send an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and reference this post. We can get you sorted there. :slight_smile:

Update: fixed limit switches today. I will be back tomorrow to address dynamic mode.

Brad - ETA for tomorrow?

Tomorrow has gotten complicated. Our son’s school is having a parent meeting about the new college application program that I need to attend. It goes from 5:30-6:30 so I’ll head over to the Hive after that. So probably around 7:00. I can stay a bit after the meeting to work with stuff.
Feel free to take lots of pics and I’ll start the training package. I downloaded the trial of Lightburn. I’m going to try and import some test files and get a feel for how it works.

Thanks for all you work on this. It should be awesome!

I just played with Lightburn importing and it read native Ai (Illustrator) files! You do need to explode the text, but that is awesome!
Looking forward to seeing the small laser kick some butt. :nerd_face:

So file prep is - similar… right?


I am able to stop by the Hive before this school meeting.

Let me know what help looks like.
I’ll play a bit with LightBurn procedures.
I’ll be back down for the meeting.

Update as of 9/2

Small laser is Hive13 ready! I’ll work on instructions and update the wiki in the upcoming day or two. I will be at the hive before and after the meeting tomorrow. Please let me know if you’d like a quick training on the new software.

High level process for those who already have had the training:

  1. Before getting started:

  2. Make sure that the power strip and chiller (220V) switch are powered before starting. These are both located directly below the laser.

  3. Disable estop and enable the key located feature1. From the PC located between the machine and the window, open LightBurn.

  4. The Laser is located on COM5. Select the correct port in the bottom right portion of the GUI.

  5. Feel free to home the laser if needed (home button). By default, the origin is in the top right of the design.

  6. The “set” and “clear” origins are currently broken. I will note this in the instructions and provide a solution in the near future.

  7. Move to origin works… but it is based on location when powered on.

  8. The “frame” button is the same as the “test” button on the large laser.

  9. The arrows in Lightburn will move the laser head

  10. Please do not change the z location unless you know how to manually adjust. I am working on an auto-z feature…1. Please rely on Lightburn’s instructions/tutorials for cuts / engraving. This is very similar to the old crappy software, but it actually WORKS.

  11. Limit is 240mm/sec via the program settings. If you decide to use something higher… your cut will either fail or travel slow.

  12. If you notice that your cuts are not complete (ie a square cut doesn’t cut the corners), slow down your cut speed.

  13. When using fill or “engrave”, it is recommended that you use the overscan feature to have a constant raster.

  14. This will eliminate the issue where the edges are not as deep as the center.
    Friendly reminders:

  15. This tool is still new, please note any issues or concerns. I have an UNO with a breadboard in the back. If we don’t have any issues, i will update to a PCB and mega…

  16. The exhaust is ~2 ft from the brand new window next to the PC. I recommend keeping the window closed to reduce the exhaust fumes from entering the building / your lungs (I promise, this will happen)

Note: we have ~20days left on the trial as of today. We will need to purchase the ~$10 license in the near future.

Woo! Let me know if any of the statements above are unclear…

Awesome! :sunglasses:

I’m happy to create a one page instruction for it.

I replaced the breadboard with a screw terminal one (thanks Ryan!), enabled soft limits, and adjusted the rapid movement.

I was unable to repeat the issue after these changes. I think the rapid movement was the issue, but this isn’t the first time that I think I’ve addressed the issue… Let me know if we run into any other issues :slight_smile:

I’m down at the Hive this afternoon. I’ll take look at it and try to create a one pager on how to use it.