Small Laser Progress on the optical rehab

Today the small laser was cleaned and the new flow sensor, latex tubing, mirrors, lens and 60w laser tube were installed.
Yet to do

  • Electrical connections for Laser and flow sensor
  • Install new airflow tube through wireduct
  • Install mAmmeter on front panel (requires moving internal light)
  • Align, focus and tune the system.

Improved output from the new tube in the big laser impacts power levels, speeds and accelerations which Lorin is now adjusting.

This means the same adjustments will probably be required for the small laser.

The attached photo shows a contrast between old mirrors and lens on the left and new on the right.
Yes, that’s correct. The old mirrors do not reflect an image.


We should save them in a mounted display. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Today the mA meter was installed. The new air nibbler and dremel made it easier.
The meter, laser tube and flow sensor are wired in.
The chiller is plumbed in a loop 1st into the big laser then 2nd into the small laser.
You can configure the power cords to run the 220v chiller through the big laser or bypass the power direct to the chiller. Please check distilled water levels every time you run the laser.

Remaining to do
Replace the air tube to the lens
Replace the internal light which was removed to make space for the mA meter
Align and focus the laser
I'm hoping to attack these Tuesday afternoon.

This afternoon the new Air tube was installed. The old light is back in.
The mirrors are aligned enough to get a burn spot through the lens.
The fine tuning is up to Lorin and Brett.

I did find the knife bed is far from flat, so that can cause some problems with focus from one corner of the bed to another. Perhaps it could be bent straight, but that's tough..