Small laser needs firmware re-flash

The small laser is getting there, however, I discovered that the firmware is corrupted. It is still communicating on a low level, so we can reflash it. There are instructions here:

I am trying to spend my time doing things that I am best at: building a power distribution and control system, reconditioning and testing high voltage, and doing all that pesky physics of light stuff.

Can someone with digital / computer skills than mine volunteer to fix our firmware?

Please talk to Me, Brett, or Dave V to get a quick FYI on safety & access to the keys.


The desktop software can easily do that. It’s just the config files that are corrupt… I have the old configuration files backed up out on HiveStore.


Yes, I agree, but I’m trying to encourage more members to lend a hand to this project. This is an easy way to start…


I’m eager to get the small laser on-line.

After reading the WhatFirmware link, a fruitless search (manual and automated) was made in Dumpstor looking for backup configs of the Firmware files 65154120.FMW and 65154001.HDW. Failing to find them the next step was taken.

The file c:\LaserCut53\Mpc05VerV2.1.exe was found right where the link stated. Running it produced the attached screenshot which has been emailed to rabbit laser USA asking for the proper firmware.

Will wait a day to see what that produces.

Any recommendations to find the above files or their proper replacements in HIVE13 archives is appreciated.

Ugh. This ain’t good news. Rabbit Laser says our controller is dead. Worse, I/we don’t know what caused the problem.
So Let this be the beginning of a discussion. Is this diagnosis correct? Replace the controller with the same controller? Upgrade?
On a parallel path, I’ve managed to find MCP6515 firmware downloads from Leetro. Try loading it anyway?
See dialogue with Rabbit Laser below.

From Rabbit Laser


If the laser machine says “System Starting please wait” and never gets past this screen, your motion control board is bad. You will need to replace the board with a new one. I do have the replacement boards in stock. They are $600 + shipping.

Thank you,

Carole Scott

Rabbit Laser USA

513.217.5707 Office