Small laser down until tomorrow

Just an fyi -

Don’t use the small laser until later tomorrow. I took apart the compressed air line thinking I had all of the parts to upgrade it, but I didn’t!

It will be back up and running probably by about 3pm tomorrow.


Alright, the small laser is back up and running!

FYI to those using the big laser:

  1. the tablet still isn’t working, I’m going to write up how to switch laser chicken between the two lasers
  2. the big laser has been plumbed in to the aid system, no more need to plug in the small noisy compressor!
  3. the chiller is now wired in the laser switch, so you just turn the big laser on/off and it will turn on/off the chiller.


I can probably pop down and unscrew the tablet this evening.

But on that note… a few people have volunteered to donate 2.5" SATA hard drives so we can get one of the more suitable small form factor PCs up and running. Can anyone bring one of those down to the Hive in the near future? The tablet’s nice and all, but we’d need to spring for a Windows Professional license to get it running in a useful fashion for this application.

  • Ry