small 5 axes CNC

I found this on kickstarter:

I don’t know if the Hive can back kickstarter project but if so, I think that will be a great addition to the space.

I can propose it to vote next Tuesday….


While that mill looks awesome, I think that is a terrible idea.

Wait until the kickstarter is over and if they actually ship units then think about getting one. :slight_smile: Way, way, waaayyy too many kickstarters fail to deliver


Seems very expensive as well… can’t we just add another two axis part to the Shapeoko? That would be very cost effective and seems simple enough… the software is the real issue.


How do I Plus + this post! :slight_smile:


It is expensive but fully functional and tested. Obviously you can make one for cheaper but you can’t count your time on it.

On the contrary, I think software is not an issue, the hive will have soon (hopefully next week) a full license of Autodesk fusion 360 that could generate G-code for 5 axis machine. For controlling the machine, LinuxCNC and Mach 3 manage 5 axis easily.

As for modifying the Shapeoko, everything is possible but it will need more than a few hours of my time per week to get a 5 axis Shapeoko. Also, this machine seems to be much more accurate than the shapeoko (linear rail instead of belt and pulley).