Slack Invites Incoming

We have mentioned that we have a Slack workspace available at the meetings for a while now. We are going to be sending out invites to all active members that have not already joined, So you expect to see an invitation in your email in the near future.

We will not be killing the email list. Slack will be another tool that we have available for people to use to communicate with. While the email list and google group are useful for archival information and long discussions, Slack is used for more immediate conversations.

Getting connected is easy enough, and you can connect from whatever devices you feel like. Slack will handle keeping everything sync for you. And you can also use just the web interface if you feel like it.

The following is a bit of information on how to use Slack, however for the most part it is IRC with channels and history. We will also have an overview in at an upcoming meeting to get everyone familiar with the basics.

I know this is a bit of an older topic, and I’m just becoming a new member (hopefully this Tuesday) but can I get a Slack invite? Thank you!


You will get a Slack invite shortly after your Membership activates

No worries. I thought I was jumping a little, just excited to get back in the groove. After seeing how the place has changed since my last time, I was re-invigorated. My application is in the box by the door!!

Did you do the online application through intweb? the paper applications are being phased out.

I got the application through Intweb yes, however there was a notice saying to print it out and leave it by the door. I was there yesterday for the CNC class and signed and dropped it off then. I can re-do anything, maybe I was at the wrong link?

Can someone send me a slack invite please?
-Dave B. (team Dave is making a resurgence! Down with team Chris! Team John has no chance, even if joined by team Jon!)


Dave B, your gmail has already been invited and you have accepted. I’m guessing you have forgotten your password you silly goose. You should be able to reset your password from the site You can also likely do it from the app, but I don’t feel like breaking mine to confirm my belief.

Dave H, As soon as your membership is completed and the subscription is paid, Intweb should automatically send you a slack invite and do a few more automagic tasks that to what Greg has been working on. If you will be down tomorrow night I or one of the other members of leadership can help get the signup complete and we can further test Greg’s Automagic.