Skills Exchange


I was playing with the semantic properties in the wiki earlier today
and found a way to make our Skills Exchange page work. This would be
a page where people can look to see who has certain skills and see
what people are interested in learning.

I found a way that you can list your skills on your own userpage and
have them appear in the Skills Exchange page. Basically you create
what is called a property using this syntax: [[Skill::Breakdancing]].
Then it will automatically appear on the Skills Exchange page since
that page is a query of all the skills that people have listed. You
can also indicate if there is something you want to learn by putting
[[SkillWanted::Lockpicking]]. Remember, you put this on your own user
page on the wiki. For example, mine are listed at:

This method is not perfect since it relies on people having a user
account on the wiki, but it seems better than nothing. If you don't
want to sign up for a wiki account, I guess you could just list your
skills and interests at the bottom of the Skills Exchange page.


Cool. FYI, I added my skills but they didn’t show up in the skills exchange. Perhaps it takes a while.
Or I screwed something up… which is probably more likely :slight_smile:


Oh cool. You did it right. For some reason MediaWiki likes to cache
the queries for extra long. If you tell it to purge like this: , it shows up.