Silk screen sheets

Does anyone have the capability or know someone who has the capability to make some silk screen plates? I will likely need a total of 4 of the plates and am going to make my own frames and such. A group is selling all sorts of different shirts and towels to raise money for youth archery programs anf all sorts of stuff. Sending stuff out takes forever and just the image cost of the process is crazy expensive every where.

Do you intend to make multi color prints? One color silk screens are fairly simple. The issues are with registration of sequential prints.
That’s why t-shirts have largely gone to heat transfer process. You get full color and one step image impressions. No registration problems between colors.
That said, I’ve made a bunch of t-shirts, long ago and far away. I hand cut art and used diazo to make screens.

Amazon has a couple of technologies for making silkscreen exposures.

There is this new stuff on sale that you do in an inkjet printer to create the image and then burn the diazo.

Still, that’s multiple screens and registration in between colors. It takes quite a setup to make multi color silkscreen prints well.