Silent Auction at 8/29 Grand Opening

Hi all.

For our grand opening party, we plan to hold a silent auction in order to raise funds. If you have never participated in a silent auction before, the idea is that you find something of value to donate to the group. We then place that item with a bid sheet in public view, with a starting bid price. Attendees to the party then bid using a numbering system (hence the silent part) to win the donated item. All proceeds go to the club’s general fund.

Thus far, Larry from Speedspan has provided the initial items for our auction - three Sling Media Slingbox PRO (SB200-100)'s! Starbuck has also offered a high-end video card (I think, but I don’t remember the exact model).

I am collecting items to be placed up for auction. Due to space requirements, we are limiting the number of items that we’re going to be auctioning, but any and all donations will be considered. If you have an item you would like to donate to the club for auction, you can reply to this message or email me privately - Thanks in advance!


The list of items can be found here:

You may add items to the list there as well. The video card donated
by Starbuck is an ATI 4850 and he also donated a nice Lian Li PC60
Black Anondized PC case.

Keep in mind it is also possible to donate non-tangible things like
services at local businesses and such.

For more on how a silent auction works see The paper and pens are
what makes it silent.


So nobody else has things for the silent auction? I haven’t gotten any other donations or takers. If we don’t have enough stuff we may have to cancel this portion of the fundraiser.


I have an nvidia card that hasn’t been used but I don’t think its worth much. There is also a photo printer at the space that has not been used. If we don’t want it for the hive we could use that for the silent auction as well.

It would be nice if we had some non-techie things for the art crowd and the other non-nerds that have been invited :slight_smile:


i have an older ruggedized laptop with a touch screen that i can put
in the auction and a dual core processor for a laptop as well.

I have a Series 2 TiVo (w/ DVD player) with all cables and accessories. They’re currently on Series 3. I would gladly donate it if y’all are interested. I don’t know of something like this would a good donation, or me just getting rid of junk.


Gerard, I don’t know much about TiVos - in your estimation is it something that others would find useful and/or valuable?

Chris, the ruggedized laptop sounds very interesting. Regarding the processor, is it just the bare chip? Is it in some sort of retail packaging, or?


re: proc it’s in the intel packaging but it had been opened. laptop processors don’t come with coolers the way retail desktop chips do, but it’s a core 2 duo 35w chip, if you can find a board or laptop to put it in it should work.

it’s been opened, but never used. i bought it on sale and didn’t read the ad very well, popped it out and realized it didn’t fit and boxed it back up. i forget the socket type for it, but there are some barebones kits out there that you can buy that take laptop processors, or if you have a celeron laptop that is around 2 years old it would be a nice upgrade :slight_smile:

In my estimation, TiVo is an indispensable part of life. Only problem is, this one is last generation. I've been meaning to try to sell it on ebay or craigslist for like $25-$50. I think someone would pay for that. Is that in the range for items up for auction? Maybe too cheap....

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