Sign Vinyl Available


Just FYI, I procured a decent amount of high-quality sign vinyl for a
recent project and intentionally got more than I required so there
would be some available for the Hive to play with. A variety of
colors are rolled up and available for use in the upper drawer of the
black horiz. file cabinet in the Fab Lab. I also have a quantity of
the reverse transfer material required to apply the cut vinyl to its
final surface.

For the cutter we have, I had been cutting out 8.5" x 11" pieces to
run through the machine, which worked very well for my application,
though it's somewhat limiting for larger designs.

Also, I have a new thin-media mat and cutting blade ordered and on the
way which should improve the quality of vinyl cutting in the future.

Player Two

Is there a guillotine style cutter at the hive for easy cutting to 8.5x11? Or were you just using scissors?

We do not have a guillotine style cutter, although that would be a very useful tool to have

Today Player2 showed me some cuts he did on our cutter. At least I believe he used our cutter for them…

Actually, I just laid a piece of 8.5" x 11" paper over the vinyl, then
cut it out with a razor blade. Crude but effective, especially since
the vinyl cutter doesn't require an exact size sheet to work with.

And yep, all the cut sheets of logos and various decals were cut on
the Silhouette vinyl cutter.


low-fi ftw

I have sort of an addendum to this particular thread. I went ahead
and ordered both a set of thin media mats as well as the thick media
mats and a new blade for the machine. I haven't tested or even
unwrapped any of the new stuff but I'm certain they'll yield better
results than we had been getting previously. If you're itching to do
some cut vinyl for a project, pls help yourself to the vinyl and
transfer material available.

Player Two

Damn, I need to draw something so I can test this tonight… Just got to ditch work for a bit… :slight_smile:

Make a decal for the back of your laptop, or a logo to stick on your