Sidebar topics: continuing education stuffs

With the bylaws stuff, perhaps something to consider is selecting classes on support topics, such as conflict resolution, parliamentary procedure, safety, industrial hygiene, event planning, etc. Basically, there is either web based literature, or an expert somewhere that could be utilized to grow the knowledge base in the general membership over time.

Many eyes or hands make for light work eh?

Sure, some will not need x because of career, or school, or other life experience… but some might want or genuinely need said info. As a sidebar career wise, the extra info may well be the resume stuffer that makes a difference. I think that in general, that is not such a bad thing for a hobby to provide.

Given prep time and some web searching for handouts, I could probably do a parliamentary procedure. 13 years of weekly 2h or so meetings will do that to ya. Conflict wise? I used to work at a place where the training opportunities were plentiful. Took a few classes, my guess is best course would be pick 2-3 methods/procedures and let the people choose which to use beforehand for informal procedures.

Other classes can be arranged for publicity. Large environmental companies do training courses as an advertising and benefit for their clients. Odds are if we arranged something with a large classroom, (like the library) we might get a class for the publicity. My smaller company had a full time trainer and he did promo’s regularly. UC likely has a health and safety department… and we could see if they are open to the idea of letting people audit some classes. Should be able to grab Blood Born Pathogens, First Aid, OSHA 30, Hazwopper first responder, Lab Standard Safety… that kind of thing. 40 hour Hazwopper is probably a stretch, it’s kinda expensive :slight_smile: Maybe even get Lead and Asbestos awareness… or those fancy meeting and conflict classes :slight_smile:

Or get those classes at steep discounts.

Sorry if it’s all be thought out before… but I thought I’d throw it out there.