I was a bad monkey and left a shovel I welded back together on the welding table in the fab lab after the meeting Tuesday night. I went to retrieve it this morning and couldn’t find it. Did anyone happen to move it?

Yeah, there was a bunch of random stuff left out in the metal room when I went down there to work last night. If it wasn’t a known Hive tool, it’s now on the Purgatory shelves in the meeting area.

For those unaware, this is a recurring theme at Hive13. If stuff vanishes, check Purgatory.

This shouldn’t be cause for alarm. Items remain on the Purgatory shelves for minimally one month before leaving the Hive, so there is plenty of time to retrieve them.

  • Ry

I was working on the lathe when Elly picked up the shovel and wondered why it was warm.
Thankfully it wasn’t hot. We need to get some “hot” metal signs to put on cooling things.

I didn’t see it in purgatory. I looked over there and grabbed a few books. Part of the reason it got left was it was still pretty fucking hot the last time I checked it. I’ll try to find time to come down and look again tomorrow or Saturday. Maybe I’m just blind.

if it’s not in purgatory that’s my fault. I put it there once, then retrieved it momentarily to throw it (not quite literally) at Jon. I thought I put it back immediately after.

I’ll likely be at the space again before the weekend. I will attempt to find it and put it in your locker.

  • Ry