Short notice - RAGE for ROBOTICS - iSPACE District Robotics Tournament 8:00 - 5:00 today January 12

RAGE for ROBOTICS - The iSPACE District Robotics Tournament is happening today, Saturday January 12 from 8:00am to 5:00pm at iSPACE in the Scarlet Oaks Campus, 3254 East Kember Road, Sharonville, OH.

This iSPACE District event will host approximately 20 teams at this qualifying tournament. Approximately 25% of teams attending this event will advance to the Ohio State Championship Tournament. Champion’s Award criteria are used for advancement. The robot competitions are open and FREE to the public.

From the Enquirer story earlier this week, Dan Humpert, director for the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Robotics Research estimates there are about 300 elementary and hihg school robotics teams in the greater Cincinnati area, twice as many as three years ago. Fred Strange, a staffer at Grant’s Lick Elementary in Campbell County KY says about 150-180 teams are in Northern Kentucky. A combined team from Lakota, Mason, and Loveland hight schools finished seventh among 2,000 domestic and international competitors in a robotics championship in St. Louis. It’s not so much how the robots do, but what the students learn while they build and control them.

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