Short meeting about Makerfaire

Hey all,

Dustin and I would like to have a quick meeting to talk about the Cincinnati Makerfaire and possible after-party tomorrow (Monday) at 8. If this interests you, feel free to attend!

Sorry for the short notice, we just decided tomorrow was a good day for some of us who had said we were interested previously.


Any chance we could do it Tuesday before the meeting?

Since we are having the bylaw review afterwards, I really didn’t want to have three meetings back to back in one day.

We can have more than one meeting about this /and we probably should), but considering timeframe right now, we at least need to do this first one asap.

Cool I will catch the next one.

Please let me know if you are wanting to do learn to solder at the makerfaire as we need more PCBs and those need to be ordered already.

Dave, we are definitely doing the learn to solder for maker faire.

What do you need to get those parts ordered so we can have them by October 8th or sooner?

Dave i know some of the irons crapped out I can bring my aouye stations if irons are needed. Sorry for the late notice if there is anything I can do to help you get ready let me know sir. Also the makerfaire/ museum is advertising what looks like will be a really cool party at the faire. I did not know if anyone knew about it yet?

An additional 240-264ish PCBs will be arriving to my house by 10/7 from Osh Park.
That should put our inventory on PCBs around 580-600 boards I believe, which should be enough hopefully. I think we have enough of the other components.