Shifting our culture

hello Hive13!!

last night at the board meeting we were discussing the Hive culture as a whole and came to the conclusion that one of the fundamental setbacks we are dealing with is a lack of conflict resolution amongst members (including ourselves). please do not take this as a “no conflict allowed” statement. we are adults, conflict happens, and that’s okay. however, we have noticed unproductive communication during conflicts that doesn’t lead to resolution. it’s very easy to respond in anger quickly, it’s a defense mechanism. however, as stated in our code of conduct "Civil conversation is honest and respects our values, while respecting the honesty and values of others."

with Slack we have advantage of lightning quick communication but it doesn’t encourage thoughtful responses. please take a moment before responding to a message to think through your response. assuming the best intent doesn’t hurt but it’s also okay to ask for clarification. we should give the grace we would hope to receive ourselves. we want to foster not only innovation and creation, but community. if your conflict feels like it’s going nowhere, we on leadership are willing to mediate or find someone who will.

tl;dr : we as an organization want to move towards a culture of conflict resolution rather than communication to harm. leadership members are willing to mediate or find another leadership member who can.

be excellent to each other.