Shelving for the space


This is Alex, a while back I mentioned that my dad may be willing to figure out a deal to exchange shelving for my membership. When I informed him that you guys were interested he said in order to get the ball rolling I had to get leadership’s contact information, but for the past 2 weeks I was unable to come by and I wasn’t actually sure who wielded the power for this this sort of decision making specifically.

Tonight, my friend and a current Hive 13 member, Dustin, brought it up to me that you guys have a fairly urgent need for shelving and I had not realized this so I was dilly-dallying a bit. I figured I’d just talk to you guys the next time I was able to come by. However, he also said that this is something that needs to be posted here and voted on by members rather than decided on by a central authority. With this in mind I’m going to email my dad a link to this Google group and tell him to apply. He’s the one in the know about his shelving, so you’ll have to wait on him to get on and sign up in order to ask for the details.

He probably wont be posting tonight. I tried calling him and it seems his phone is dead or off at the moment.

Just letting you guys know ahead of time. When I applied to this Google group I said I’d post so I figured I’d at least tell you guys now that he should be getting on here at some point in the near future and posting about that.

Hi Alex. I’m Jim, the HIVE’s CFO and Jon is the COO. We can coordinate with you and your dad offline on this topic. It might be best to work out the details ahead-of-time as a small group and then present our best plan to the membership for vote. Jon will know best what shelving may best fit our plans and said he’d spoken with you in the past. We are a 501(c)3 so any donations could be a federal tax deduction. Jon and I are often at the HIVE at different times during the week. Meeting at an upcoming Tuesday night meeting is also good.


Sorry for the slow response again, he seems a bit busier these days. He told me this is an excellent time to take some shelving off his hands as hes moving towards other things and he has some to exchange for a membership. Separate of shelving, he also said he’d be willing to sell you guys some lockers cheaply if you need any of those as well.

He told me to link you to his website, it doesn’t have his offerings on it, but it has his contact information. I was unsure about providing contact info directly on here. I’m less familiar with Google groups. But now you’ve got it you guys are going to want to contact him and he’ll figure something out. I’d imagine you’ll be the one talking to him since your the one that responded.

Here is the site:

FYI this is the same person we bought the last round of pallet racking and wire shelves from.