shelving and cabinet offered to the Hive.

Lillian (the stained glass lady in the hallway studio) is doing some rearranging in her studio, and has graciously offered us a white wooden shelf unit and a white metal cabinet. They are in the hallway for us to get if we want them. She has also said that she will leave a note on any other items that are up for grabs.

She also asked about possibly using the welder for a few tack welds. I told her that I did not think it would be a problem (sign the waiver). She may stop in on the Tuesday meeting.


I’ll take a look at them when I head down tonight and see if they look like they will fit well somewhere. I have zero problems with her using the welder so long as she knows how to use it or asks for help!


She said she does (know how to use welder) in addition, her significan other is an instructor(?) at the (I think she said Art Academy) and teaches students how to use the tools/machinery. So there may be a possibility of getting some lessons or training on equipment.

She’s nice. When I brought my father to see the hive he wandered over there and struck up a conversation, as is his wont.