Shell Server Decommissioning - 1 Week Warning

Final Reminder: In six days (Monday, the 25th) our combination space-heater, white-noise generator and shell server will be going away. If you have any files on it that you want to keep, get them before then.

- Ian B.

Is this the fastor drive or is that something different?

Something different. The shell server is what the websites used to run on.

… Those were dark times.

  • Ian B.

You’re speaking of the DL320 in the rack at the space, right?

So, was the data from fastor ever recovered? I had some files there that I’d like to get back.

Marcus -

The data from Fastor was never lost. The server was offline for a time while a disk problem was addressed, but it’s been back for quite a while now. Would you like me to archive your user directory and transfer it to you?

Ok thanks for the clarification

Not sure off the top of my head if it is a DL320. It is the server which was co-located with speedspan for several years. When speedspan closed 3 months ago I moved it into the hives rack while I migrated the last of the websites.

  • Ian B.

OK, that’s a different one. Still, good riddance. Thanks Ian!

Is it Internet accessible or should I come to the space to log in?

It is still internet accessible, but it is via the hives crappy internet connection so if you are downloading anything substantial from it you might want to consider doing it on the local network.

  • Ian B.

Ian, is the hive’s internet connection crappier than advertised (10x2) ? If it is, we can hold time warner accountable.

Nah, we’re getting roughly the advertised level of crappiness :).

  • Ian B.

And lo, said the hackers, for they saw the beast lay slain! And roar of the fans fell silent, and the heat of the exhaust grew cold. and the hackers looked upon it’s motionless form and said “Thank fuck that’s over”.