Shell Server Decommissioning - 1 Month Warning

As I mentioned at yesterdays meeting, the shell server ( is going to be shut down, removed and possibly taken to a field and office-space’d in one month. Specifically, I intend to do this on Monday, July 25th in order to not have that torvaldsforsaken heat-pump running during the annual meeting. If you have anything on this server you would like to keep, please grab a copy before that date. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you don’t have anything on the server. For those who would still like to have a general-purpose server at the hive, there will be a quieter, lower-power and probably quite a bit faster replacement for this server forthcoming at some point.

I will send out another reminder one week before the deadline.

  • Ian B.

With how much use it gets, this would probably be a strong candidate to exist only as a VM on the VMWare server.

Ian, I was wondering what type of hardware is being used in the server ie model of server and specs and wondering if this is something that I could buy from the hive I run servers at my house for personal use and just wondering what type of server was at the hive and if i might be able to repurpose it
R3DF0X -J.Willey

I believe I donated it several years ago. If my memory serves me right, it is a HP DL360G3 dual Xeon with 8 gigs of ram and dual small scsi drives in raid1. It’s a toaster by today’s standards - very poor speed/watt. It’s worth no more than $50. If you want a more capable machine, I can introduce you to my friend Matt that runs a computer business which handles lots of decommissioned machines.

I don’t have the specs handy and will not be down at the hive for a few days, but whatever you are wanting to re-purpose it for, I can guarantee there are much better options available. This server is ridiculously loud, pumps out a huge amount of heat and has roughly the processing capability of a tamagotchi. That being said, if the original donor of the server (Dave B?) doesn’t want it back it will probably be put up for grabs on purgatory.

  • Ian B.