Shapeoko's Future

For those who don’t recall - I am currently spending some time during my weekends fixing the shapeoko (at home). In addition, there has been discussion about getting rid of some items that are ‘collecting dust’ at teh hive.

Therefore, I am starting a mailing list post to discuss the possibility of getting rid of the shapeoko (scrap, sell, or w/e) and to create a thread to discuss whether or not we see this tool being useful/needed…

Short summary:

  • Shapeoko is a small CNC machine (wood / plastic / PCBs)
  • AFAIK, this tool has always been a project and never 80% complete during it’s tenure. At one point, members used it to cnc PCBs- Jacob and I picked it up as a project this past summer and became distracted with other hive projects.
  • I brought it home in November so that I could work on it in my free time (discussed in a weekly meeting / mailing post)- Discussion about whether or not it has a need at the hive.
    1. Large CNC can do almost anything the shapeoko can and has a larger bed - could be a source for add’l funds $ and space could be used for other things as the woodshop is already tight on space…
    1. Discussed replicating hack RVA’s xcarve (fully enclosed cnc that has a lower barrier to entry) - may be useful for members who don’t want to spend the time learning how to use the CNC and/or a good stepping stone

Discussion topic: is there value in fixing/keeping the Shapeoko at the Hive? Do you have projects that would benefit this tool existing?


I might be interested in it for parts depending on cost. A machine to mill PCBs, print solder paste, etc. might serve as a nice complement to the pick and place I’m already building. Then again, I might be able to retrofit my pick and place to at least print solder fairly easily…
-Dave B.