Shapeoko upgrade BOM for tomorrow voting

To all,

Here in attached files the list of items I would like to buy to upgrade the Shapeoko CNC. I have put link to each website if you want to have a look.

I will proposed this buying for voting tomorrow evening


Shapeoko_upgrades.pdf (14.7 KB)

Hey Julien,

A few things just from my brief look at this:
I think we already have that exact clamping kit, so we wouldn’t need to buy that. For power supplies digikey isn’t a great place to go (they are decent quality, but expensive). For the larger CNC we got a 48V@21A supply that is pretty good. I did a quick search and found one that is $50 cheaper:

Can we talk about this before tomorrow’s meeting before putting this before the group at the meeting?


Jon -

Your point is totally valid about Digikey being super $$$ for that stuff. I should point out that the exact model you linked takes 180-264VAC so it probably isn’t a prime candidate for this project.

That’s probably a better choice. It will run on 110.

or non DIN rails for substantially cheaper:


Whoops! This is why I wanted a bit more time to go over it. :slight_smile: Thanks for the catch Dave!

I favor the spindle upgrade with best power supply deal. I also favor getting a few cutter alternatives, not necessarily the t-slot cutter.

I’d like to propose a different clamping alternative for consideration to a few key folk before finalizing the clamping proposition to the membership.



Thank you for the advice. I chose digikey because it is one of the website that I know from Europe. I still need your support for all the good website in the USA :wink:

I seach on the Jameco website and I found one power supply with my required parameters:

DIN rail
free air convection
PFC input

It’s also $35

For the clamping kit, that great! Is it a 3/4" kit? I assume this kit is for the bigger CNC. So we could it until the bigger CNC is finished.


Hello everybody,

After talking with John N. and Jim D., I have update the shopping list for the Shapeoko upgrade. If everyone is OK with that updated list, I will proposed it last Tuesday for voting.


Shapeoko_upgrades_V_2.pdf (14.4 KB)