ShapeOko Update

Saturday i was able to go to the Hive where i did some minor rewiring of the stepper motors to the grbrl shield along with some adjustment to the GRBL firmware so ShapeOko is now fully operational.

I was also able to do the following;

  • stepper motor calibration via the GRBL settings has been completed
  • Installed GRBL controller , Gcode optimizer , inkscape , internet access , Pycam
  • Added a spacer to allow the spindle to increase z range ( thanks Jim S)

Todo List

  • waste board threaded inserts for clamps
  • part clamps
  • 3d print z axis knob
  • Add terminal block
  • level the MDF waste board as it seems to be off by about .2 - 3 m or it could be just that the waste board might be warped. I need to verify

Since the Shapeoko is fully operational On Tuesday after the general meeting I will be doing a training session . This training session will be hands on and will encompass the basic steps on operating the ShapeOko ( milling a part from start to finish)

I take NO credit for the building of the ShapeOko ( i am not surprised they did a tremendous job)


Thanks you Marvin for all this job,

The configuration you had find this Saturday was a temporary one. You also do the calibration I plan to do the coming week. So again thank oyu. Could you give us a measured accuracy and maybe repeatability now the calibration is done?

I also would like to add some item on your todo list:

1/ Improve the mounting of the arduino+Gfield. the plate that I designed is a prototype
2/ Add cable chain on the X and Y axis (maybe Z). Someone started to print the part for that but I don’'t know who.
3/ find a way to prevent the USB plug to be disconnected (U shape, cable clamp, Gromet?)
4/ Mount the DC spindle and testing the speed controller ( I have a complete schematic but I don’t know how to order components)

For the waste board, I am not sure the threaded inserts are the best option. In my opinion, a T-slot board made from ABS will be the best.
I have already think about that (see pdf3D attached).

We only have to buy a T-shape bit ( and a 15-20 mm ABS board. Clamps are really easy to find or make.

What do you ( and all the hivers) think about this?


locking_system_Shapoko.pdf (101 KB)