Shapeoko class (03/17/15)

Hello everyone,

Nest Tuesday after the meeting, I will give an introduction to our beloved CNC: “The shapeoko 2”. The class will be in two parts. The first one will present the specifications of the machine the different usages and the steps required to get a proper milled part.
The second part will be a demo of the CAD to CAM workflow on the machine using a given shape (probably the hive logo) and getting a part.

I would like to know if anyone will be interested in this class. If so, please let me know by following this link:


Do you think you will do a class on a non tuesday? (they are always really busy after meetings for me)


I want to do one during a weekend too. I see more this first class as an introduction of the machine and I will take more time during a weekend day to help people walking through the CAD to CAM process and make their own part.