Shapeoko Axes Adjusted

I adjusted the cam nuts on the guides to take out any lash but not be too tight. I also tensioned the Y? Axis belt.

It should be ready for the electrical scope now. Does anyone have a good grasp of the state of the electrical? I recall hearing that it was disassembled for some modification. Since the mechanical portion seems to be stock, I assume that the mods were in the electrical.
I'll be happy to figure it out, but I don't want to dive in if someone already has the answers.


Team Shapeoko -

If there are no objections, I’d like to engage on the Shapeoko project, with an eye towards milling circuit boards. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but I hope to be useful despite being the least capable of the people currently restoring the machine. I performed much of the original build, and perhaps more importantly, have time available to focus on the work.

Does anyone know where the control electronics are? I came down today to re-familiarize myself with the machine, but cannot find the grbl shield. I know it was here on Tuesday.

  • Ry

That is great. Not sure about the controller location.


I have a CNC shield laying around which should be a drop in replacement for the GRBL. I’ll bring it down the next time I go to the Hive.

For today, I’ve gathered all the parts and electronics I could find (including the 48V meanwell power supply) and recruited one of the rolling carts into service as a mobile build station. This should help to keep things together, and frees the previously covered table for other productive use.

If anyone involved had tools or parts on or around the Shapeoko, check the cart drawers before looking elsewhere.

  • Ry

The aforementioned CNC shield is now on the Shapeoko cart. I flashed an Arduino clone with the GRBL firmware, mounted some DRV8825 stepper drivers, and tested motor movement via gcode. Everything seems to be working.

The next hurdle will be wiring and cable routing so the machine can move around without tying itself in knots. I’ve made a start at this, but I’m not married to the current configuration. I doubt I’ll have time available to continue working on the machine until next weekend, so if anyone already involved wants to grab the baton and run for a while, do feel free.

Just keep us posted via the mailing list as changes are made.

  • Ry

I’ll be at Hive tomorrow. I’ll give it a look see and work on it a bit.

Did you wire the spindle? Is the speed control PCB / setup working? The spindle speed control board is fine, but the assembly looked a little iffy on it – not sure if you ran it…