shapeoko 3, X carve and all that jazz


For members that were not at the meeting yesterday, here is a recap of the future of the shapeoko project:

  1. The creator of the two first Shapeoko , Edward Ford, has joined an other company Carbide 3D to create the shapeoko 3 with new , but proprietary, extrusion profile the website for this machine:

  2. Inventables the previous employer of Edward have update the shapeoko 2 and rename it as X-carve. Basically, they have modify a few think and incorporated all the additional kits available separately. The website of the x-carve:

The Hive’s shapeoko have already all the kit that Is included in the x-carve. The x-carve extrusions are still compatible with the shapeoko.

So, no worries for getting part in the future.