Sewing Machine

Mornin' Hive!

Just wanted to check and see if I might be permitted to borrow the
Hive's sewing machine for approximately one week for an upholstery
project I'm tackling in the RV. That assumes, of course, that it's
not currently in use already or that anyone has plans for it in the
coming week. Borrowing any equipment is something I don't take
lightly and I can assure the group that it'll be returned in better
condition than it departed and likely with additional new parts and

Additionally, I'd be glad to sign it out, put down a deposit, whatever
might be appropriate for its use.

Very respectfully,
Player Two (Kris)

I wouldn’t have a problem with it, esp. since PlayerTwo has equipment on loan to us.

I’ve put this on the agenda to discuss tonight.

I'm the one who consigned the sewing machine to the HIVE and welcome
PlayerTwo using it. We're glad to see it getting used and know
PlayerTwo will take care of it and return it when done. Ellie was the
last one using it as far as I know and that was a while ago. We'll
see who speaks up at the meeting tonight.