Sewing Machine Status

I have taken the Hive owned sewing machines in to be looked at and potentially serviced. The outcome is as follows:

New Singer - Electrical issues, highly likely to be on the systemboard of the machine, not worth repairing.
Old Singer - Mechanically sound. the internal belt is fraying, it may last another 2 weeks, it may last another 2 decades. $80 to clean and tune up. It is a basic machine.
Bernina - Appears in good condition, except for the power cable needs to be replaced. This will require scrounging ebay for the correct plug. ballpark is $40 - $80 unless we can print a replacement plug and wire it to that existing cable. (it is the end that goes in the machine)
Brother Embroidery machine - Mechanically sound. $80 to clean and tune up. $80 for the software and hardware to get digital files onto the 20 year old machine to embroider.

Given this information, It may be the most worthwhile to purchase a reliable Sewing machine and dispose of the existing singer machines. A good machine appears to be around $250.
If someone wants to try modeling and printing the plug for the Bernina, that would be a basic machine that should run until every one of us is dead. If not I can see if I can track down that model power cable.
The embroidery machine is old, it can almost buy it’s own beer, and will require $150-200 to get usable. Newer units, specifically recommended to me was the PE-770, can be tracked down for $350 -$400 used and doesn’t need the weird DesignCard hardware.

I was looking to get a few more voices in the discussion to get some additional opinions on what direction we should go with the sewing equipment we have access to.

Does any of the machines that we currently have able to handle heavy duty materials such as leather? If so it may be worth fixing that (old singers, depending on how old, could handle nearly anything)

What model is the old singer?


Awesome question Matthew! I should have thought of that.