SEM leaving

Looks like the SEM will be leaving on Oct 14th.

Hi Brad!

We should be good for your Oct 13thprogram, but the next week I’ll need to bring it back up to UC for a training for the other regional partners. I’ll ask John if he can help with the transport, but I might need one more strong person to help get it down your steps. I may move it early on Sunday the 14th if I can, it’s easier to deal with campus when 40,000+ students are not roaming around.


Melodie Fickenscher, Ph.D.


Advanced Materials Characterization Center

College of Engineering and Applied Science

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0018

Office: (513) 556-3220

I’ll work with Mel on the removal on the 14th.
Please leave the images on the machine so she can show Hitachi the cool stuff we have been using it for.
Feel free to copy any images for your own use, and lets be sure to put the images somewhere on our server so we can create a cool gallery.

I asked her if she would like to give a brief talk after one of our weekly meetings. She does some interesting work.

Who knows, we might even get to borrow some other equipment. :nerd_face:



The SEM has been returned to UC.

Thanks to Mel for allowing us to use such a nice piece of equipment.
Thanks to John for making the connection (and loading the gear)

I pulled a copy of all the images in case anyone didn’t get theirs.

Mel may give a talk when her schedule calms down.

I think we should make a poster with the coolest images.

We may be able to get a similar piece of equipment in the future. We will stay in touch with Mel.

Thanks again,