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musing upon recent economic events, i began pondering the maximum
sane rent levels for this hackerspace.
this is the basics, but it might be good to get us started talking
about how to narrow our search window.

a perfect place, at 3000$ a month might be a bit silly for us to get
attached to.
so, what is sane? i know for a fact we will grow in membership, but
that will take time,
so let's imagine a worst case for the first year.

There are currently 14 members of the google group, and 11(+1) were
at the first meetup.

50$ per month x 14 members= 700$
assume 3 users fail to pay each month, 550$ max monthly cost,
including utilities

25$ per month x 14 members=350$
assume 3 users fail to pay each month, 275$ max monthly cost including

scanning warehouse and industrial space for lease, it seems that a
reasonable average price is 3$ a square foot a year, for cheap stuff.
2000 square feet, (the area of a small home) at 3$ per SF, works out
to 500$ monthly.

i have no idea how to even begin to estimate the cost of heating,
cooling, and electricity for the place. we all know ISP costs.
So, what do the rest of you think? What would you estimate as a rent
level we would not default on, and would not be too hard on the

(as a side note,
here's a couple industrial real estate links to peruse.)