Seeking cosplay supplies

Cosplayers, my daughter is putting together a (tasteful) poison ivy costume for Cincy Comicon this weekend. But she's having trouble finding affordable leaves, and green tights. Can someone suggest somewhere to acquire such items?

American Apparel has a huge selection of leggings. Here is one with a few green options:


Green tights, you are looking at a halloween store, amazon, possibly a dance store or a sporting good store , for leaves a hobby store like Michaels or any place that sells fake plants.

If she decides to go with a wig have her look at a beauty store not Halloween costume store Halloween wigs are junk.

Body paint is the next thing she may have to worry about, stick with Ben nye cream. Once applies brush on a light layer baby powder with a soft brush until the powder is not visible. Then use a barrier spray (any theater store or capels should have it)

Feel free to email me any questions or more.

Wow, thanks for the info. I think we found what we need on amazon. She won't need a wig since her hair is already red, and I believe she is going to skip the body paint this time around. Thanks for the tips!

I’m not sure what sorts of leaves she wants, but Big Lots has some silk flowers and leaves (garlands) on clearance…

I don’t know what price range ‘affordable’ is for her. Has she tried the craft stores?
Michaels crafts has a pretty big silk flower assortment (might want to call the stores - some are bigger than others and have better selections)

JOAnns - Hyde park or Glendale-Milford had a fair selection, but they were not finished remodeling the last time I was in there…

I dislike recomending them, but Hobby Lobby-tricounty had a pretty big selection too (or did before they moved, i’ve got little desire to visit their new location)

I have not tried it, but you might also try appealing to a florist shop, some of them do silk arrangments, perhaps they might have damaged pieces that she could strip the leaves from.? Or you might be able to buy an arrangement cheaper than buying individual sprays at the store and then strip the leaves from it?

I’ll stop short of suggesting a pass through the local cemeterys, but you might try calling them or a funeral home and ask them if they have leftover discarded wreaths. Everybody is big on recycling now - letting someone get some use out of a discard means they don’t have to pay to have it hauled away in their dumpster.


So is this for the Cincy ComicCon?

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Yes this is for Cincy Comicon.

We ended up going with Amazon for everything since we are a bit short on time.

I’ll see you there, stop by the King on booth

I apologize for not actually being helpful, just an observation—

Across from Ohio State campus, there was (could still be) an underground mall, sort of in the basement to a hotel lobby.
Decorations for this mall included artificial plants, _vines with ‘leaflets three’! That’s right artificial Poison Ivy!