Security Tamper Proof Torx Bits

Does anyone know for certain if we have a tamper proof Torx set? I have to disassemble my Leatherman Wave and it has the T9 star screws with a little raised peg in the middle. If we don't I'll just buy a cheap set from Amazon.


We definitely have some form of those, as the electronic lock on the outside door requires that specific screwdriver to replace the batteries. They’re over by where all the other screwdrivers are.

I’m 99% sure that we have a set. They’re “bits” and go in a little handle bit-driver thingy. I’m remembering a read plastic case with clear cover.

We should. There are several sets of security bits both in the red rubber trays on the workbench, and in plastic clamshell cases on the black tool shelves by the back door.

I’m not at the space to check exact bits, but that one is pretty common.

Kick ass. Thanks a bunch guys!