Second Saturday Cleanup

Hello all,

So I would like to revive our old Saturday cleanups, and continue to do so on the second Saturday of each month. The next one is this Saturday the 13th.

This event is open to everyone, and anyone who attends will enjoy a nice root beer float for their hard effort.

Thanks to everyone who decides to volunteer, we appreciate your help to keep the hive looking awesome and functional!

P.s. Can anyone come up with a good name for the ‘Second Saturday Cleanup’? I originally thought of ‘Second Saturday Sanitation’, but I’m not sure if I like how that sounds. Thoughts?

YES! I have wanted these events back for such a long time. It makes it so much better down here! Can’t wait. Thanks for organizing these again.

Just a (late) reminder, our first Second Saturday Cleanup will commence at 10am this on June 13. The plan is to use a whiteboard and write down tasks that need to get done, and once they are completed, you can remove the task and move on to the next one.

Anyone who comes down to help will get to enjoy a nice root beer float! It tastes the best after a hard days work =]

Thanks again for helping to make the hive a better place!

A big thanks for everyone who came down yesterday to help clean up the space!

Just a recap of our process during the cleanup:

1.Made a list of things that needed to be done around the space (The list was very sparse, I will work on that for the next cleanup)

  1. We went through each area, and got rid of all the trash from the area. When we couldn’t find a spot for a certain thing, we put it in a misc box in the area.

  2. Swept the floors and wiped down the tables.

  3. Around Lunch, we brainstormed some ideas for making the cleanup days a bit easier on everyone involved.

For the next cleanup, I will try and post earlier to post things we need to get done so no one will be left out in the dark as to what we need to do.

Attached is the results of our hard work. I forgot to do a ‘before’ picture, so hopefully we can do that before the next cleanup =]

Thanks again, cheers!

SSC 6.13.15.jpg