Second Saturday Cleanup - 2015-11-14

Second Saturday cleanup has drawn to a close. Thanks to Brad, Dustin, and Nancy for putting in several hours organizing things this afternoon.

The work tables were mostly clear already, so thanks to all for working to reduce the piles over the past couple months. If you did leave anything on the tables, the purgatory shelves or the scrap wood bin are good places to check. Nothing was discarded outright.

While cleaning the kitchen, we noticed a small leak in the left side sink drain. We’ll get this fixed shortly, but please restrict hive watersports to the right side of the kitchen sink and the bathroom slop sink for the time being.


  • Ry

But the left side is better for waterboarding!!!

Good find, last thing we need is a mold issue!

If you need PVC pipe, P traps, PVC cement, … I have a pretty good selection of stuffs. I get back in town Monday night. If you haven’t fixed it by then, email or txt me what you think you’ll need. I may even have time to come down during the day tuesday and fix it.

the leak seems to be where the drain? (drain bowl?) of the sink connects with the underside of the sink… it’s the metal bowl that you see from the top looking into the sink, it looks like the seal (rubber gasket?) that connects the metal bowl to the underside of the sink has failed. I think it needs one of those large drain wrenches to get the big ‘collar’ off to replace it…

I intend to head over to the hardware store in a little while and see about a seal and the wrench (I don’t think there is one at the hive) I don’t think they are expensive, and it can live under the sink or in the bathroom.